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Pixel 2, cramming all the perfect features

Just when you thought there isn’t much innovation juice left in the smartphone department for this year, BAM! The not so hyped yet the most anticipated smartphone, Pixel 2 arrives, swiping away all the mediocre and imperfect stuff off the table, setting a bar that’s gonna be tough to beat. Here’s a glimpse of a bunch of stuff Google is gonna be throwing at you.

Improved look and feel: Comes in four colours and two variants, the smaller pixel 2 with a similar to the size factor of the original pixel and the pixel 2 XL which is such a delight to look at, google does right what most don’t, an overall cleaner and modern look, with the XL rocking the bezel less display, a coloured power button which compliments the look, an aluminium finish which doesn’t feel metallic but gives out a very smooth texture, the placement of what might be the fastest fingerprint scanner is on point and the best part is the feature which isn’t used at all but is too vital to skip, two front facing stereo speakers which gives you the most awesome user experience.

Display: The smaller variant has a 1080p AMOLED display, the XL on the other hand rocks a quad HD display with much smaller bezels which gives a viewing ratio of 18:9 which is a total symmetrical screen. The AMOLED display is put to brilliant use with the notifications for apps showing up with their logos showing up in white while the rest of the screen is turned off (a good way to save the battery), another cool new feature is the ‘now playing’ which uses the always on microphones to recognise the song playing in your surroundings and pop it up on your screen on which you can double tap to listen to or find more info about the song.

Camera: The pixel took away the highest DXO mark yet which is a brilliant 98, it has a single 12 megapixel camera as opposed to the dual cameras flying around now days, but serves you in the portrait mode even better than the rest, with software capabilities to blur the background. The front camera is an 8 megapixel which is better than the main camera of some phones out there which also utilises the portrait capabilities. There is another new motion feature installed here which gives you the option to include movement in your shots.

Exclusive Pixel features: Google has decided to push AI first in this new device, which lets the pixel boast a bunch of features like, squeeze, which lets you trigger the assistant, live wallpapers which are on another level of utilizing the aesthetic capabilities of the resolution, the search bar is now at the bottom which is a lot more convenient. The Pixel 2 is gonna come out with Android 8.0 Oreo, with the highest model priced at around $600. The major catch here is the machine learning that Google promotes, which is gonna make your phone give out a better user experience as time passes, plus it gives great new opportunities to developers to include innovative features later on. All in all it’s a perfect package which is priced $400 less than its main contender the Iphone X and gives a load of better features loaded in the best UI yet, this would make the Pixel 2 a sure shot contender for the phone of the year.

The top new features in iPhone X

The top new features in iPhone X


The new iPhone X comes with the beautiful bezel less, edge to edge, immersive display which gives you ultra high resolution and all in all a brilliant user experience with viewing, gaming and operating. The neatly packed and tucked up sensor housing gives an amazing blend to the UI by giving opportunities to create innovative app designs and animations in regard to immersive viewing experience, displaying connectivity or even just scrolling while in landscape mode.

iOS 11

From what we hear the new iOS update is going to be bringing a fresh look to the devices whilst also maintaining snappiness. Some of its key new features are the new design of the control center where you can access and modify quick settings in a way with vertically adjusting volume and brightness bars, gesture controls where you swipe up or down the display to access different menus and also new designs for app and other icons integrating with and utilizing the new display to its full potential. Apple is really aiming for that button less experience this time round.

Face ID

This new unlocking feature is smarter and snappier than ever; it uses “tiny invisible dots” which are essentially light projectors which sense the structure of your face to recognize and differentiate it from another’s face. It is capable of reading your face extremely quick even in the dark and isn’t going to be fooled if someone else tries to manipulate it as it requires you to be staring at the phone, plus it works with sunglasses!

Apple Face ID

Apple’s Face ID, possibly the new trend in Smartphones

Unless you have been living under a rock, you know that the new big thing in the smartphone world has been announced, the iPhone X. There is a gamut of exciting changes that have been introduced in the device which take it away from the traditional way of its predecessors, but the most crucial change is actually not the beautiful bezel less screen, it’s the new Face ID technology.

The bezel less screen was anticipated to some level, we thought that they would just move the fingerprint scanner to the back, but Apple has a way of standing apart from its competitors, so what do they do? They introduce a whole new technological advancement which might just prove to be the next big change that other companies follow after the touch ID.

So how does it work?

From what we have heard the Face ID uses “tiny invisible dots” which are essentially light projectors which sense the structure of your face to recognize and differentiate it from another’s face. The user has to stare at the phone, not for long obviously, and swipe up on the screen and that’s it, your phone is unlocked, and this process is extremely quick so you don’t need to worry about speed. Plus, it works on sunglasses! What’s different is that only one face can be registered as ID as opposed to multiple fingerprints in the touch ID, you can even disable the recognition software temporarily by holding the buttons on both sides, and you have to reset the device to change the ID.

From the looks of how snappy it is, this might just be the new trend after bezel less displays.

Tips to Hire Perfect Mobile App Developer in London

Hire a perfect mobile application developer is not an easy task. There are so many points, that we need to consider before hiring a mobile application developer. Here we illustrate some important points that are needed to consider before hiring a perfect Mobile application developer.

1. Experience of the developer:

Experience developer must be more confident in the mobile app development field. These experienced developers know that which types of problem and possible challenge come in the phase of development. The experienced developer already gets prepare to face the same problem.

2. Past work

If you want to give responsibility to a mobile application developer for app development then you should wait and ask him about his past project. You must know what is the current position for working in the mobile app development field. Look at his projects and knowledge about the efficiency of the developer in this field. At the end, you should know which kind of works you expect from the developer.

3. Ability to Develop Apps That Run on Multiple Platform

You have hired a developer then you should know that have skills enough to develop the application for multiple platforms like Windows, IOS, and Android. If you want to target a large group of the audience then you should release your application on multiple platforms. Your developer should have the ability to develop apps that can run on multiple platforms.

4. Resource

If we build a mobile application then we must have latest software and tools are essential to make a fully functional mobile application. In the app development, designing and development part is not the easy task. It is important to know that developer who you hired who should have all resource to complete the task.

5. Update on the Progress of Work

You should ask the developer to send your daily updates on your project about the progress of work. Ask the developer when he will contact you to inform you about the progress of work. Developer ought to ready to communicate with you in the preferred mode.

6. Inputs from Developer’s Side

The developer who you hired ought to show interest in your project by giving useful input side. You have an idea for making an application then you can help the developer. Take the input to the developer side and then your idea will succeed when the given of shape an application.

7. Plan for Monetizing Your App

The developer should be capable to explain you effective ways about your mobile application development project with the purpose of more and more make money. For developing a successful mobile app you can ask your developer that which types of plans do you have for monetizing your application.

8. Developers’ fees

It is very important to know what to check your budget.  You hire a best mobile application developer may come in your come in your budget. You assume that the money you will give to the developer, It is the best investment for your future.

9. Post Deployment support

Working process of mobile application developer doesn’t end with the app after the put on App store. You ask the developer as much as possible about ready to work on releasing latest updated and find bugs after the launch of your application.


IOS 11 news – Releasing in UK with various attractive new features.

iOS 11 was revealed by Apple in June 2017 with big improvements over its predecessor.
We bring you everything we know about iOS 11 including its release date and new features, and the changes and bug fixes in each of the beta versions launched so far. Click Here
Redesigned App Store
Control Centre, Lock Screen and Notifications
New Messages features
Siri improvements
New Camera features
Live Photo Effects
Indoor Maps and Lane Navigation
Augmented reality
Better multitasking in iPad
Apple Pencil
Multi-user FaceTime calls
Multiple user accounts
Per-app passcode or Touch ID lock
Ability to change video resolution in-app

How to Enhance Your App in Apple Store to Boost it up !

App Store SEO is the process of improving mobile apps for the purpose of accomplishing a sophisticated ranking in the app store exploration results and top charts rankings. Due to its similarities to search engine App Store SEO is also referred to as App Store Optimization (ASP).
You don’t need to spend a penny to do most of these tips!
App Name & Keywords ( Keep the actual brand name short and sweet )

App Name Format ( Use the format “Brand Name – Keywords” or “Brand Name: Keywords” to include relevant keywords in your name.)

App Name Length ( Apple limits the app name to a maximum of 30 characters)

App Subtitle ( App subtitle appears under your app name, and is limited to 30 characters only.)

App Description & Keywords ( iOS App Store does not search for keywords but it does not mean developers can be lazy with it )

App Description ( Few Sentences about your app)

App Description – The Expanded Description

App Description Length ( 90% of top 100 apps use more than 589 characters)

App Promotional Text ( Your app’s promotional text appears at the top of the description and is limited to 170 characters.)

Mobile App development agency in London

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What is Sigmatech?

Sigmatech is the UK based leading app development agency, that offers complete mobile app design and development solutions, Our team of expert designers and developers helps you in developing your idea in to awesome mobile app, Our main focus is on product-driven apps, campaign driven apps and social apps, We not only design and develop top-notch mobile apps that will boost your user counts, but also provides reliable and cost-efficient maintenance & support for your app.

Mobile App Development Process:

We follow the agile and iterative process for mobile app development projects, it will help us in developing user-centric mobile apps, steps we follow:
– Information gathering
– Strategy planning & Wireframing
– UI design/ prototyping
– Development
– Testing
– Final delivery

How much it would cost to have an iPhone app:

Cost of any iPhone app development projects vary, each project has different – different design and feature, and our team needs to spend different amount of time for each project throughout the process, for more information and further discussion on the cost, please feel free to contact us.

iPhone app development for Startups:

Over the last 5 years, app store receives millions of mobile apps with different – different features, that gave app owners a secure and efficient way to engage with a large amount of customer, if you are a start-up and planning to have an iPhone app, so our IT experts can help you with a cost-effective development plan, which will give your business a new heights.