Upskill Yourself, Learn Web Development

Web developing is the new job trend, this skill is in high demand, with every establish business and startup realizing the need to move online in the digital era, people either lend out outsourcing services or establish professional agencies to provide clients quality web solutions which would include services like web development, designing, marketing and what not. So if you are looking to upskill yourself in this field you are looking in the right place and at the right time. Here is a basic overview of where you can get started.

Front end developing:

This is what the users would see, where the real creativity lies, it consists of a bunch of programming languages like HTML, CSS, Javascript. Learning these languages would help you design the website for what the users would see on their respective devices. HTML(Hypertext Markup Language) helps create the structure of the website, this is what helps you design what goes where, in terms of headings, menus, content and other windows. CSS(Cascading style sheet) is the one where your creativity comes into play, this one is responsible for handling the animations, graphics, colors, fonts and menu plus other transitions, basically increasing the visual appeal of your website because it’s the most crucial element for a user to visit it time and again. Javascript is used both ways, front and back, this is because it is highly efficient in transmitting data from server to client side and vice versa, plus it is beginner friendly so you wouldn’t face much hassle in learning it.

Back end developing:

This is the one which is hidden from your clients and where all the work is put in, the meticulous coding, protocol, functions and data storage and manipulation takes place here. Its basically where the server is located and remotely accessed to tend to the users’ needs. When a user initiates a particular action, for instance requests for information, programs like Java, PHP, Ruby etc. come into play. Java is a long term player extensively used for desktop, mobile and web applications, learning it can be a bit of a task but once you do it’ll take you a long way, PHP(Hypertext Pre-Processor), is a popular language, known for powering a vast majority of websites and has powered known content management systems like Joomla, WordPress, Drupal and more, Ruby is another programming language,it is easy to embed it into HTML and is known for its high level security.

Other than those there is another major element in web developing known as Protocols, including HTTP, DDP and REST which are basically used to transfer information between servers and devices.

The most important task of all would be the final, which is to test run these functions and check for errors, nullifying any chances of your website crashing. So this was a basic overview of the website technologies used for major tasks in web developing giving you an idea of where to get started.