Kagazz was primarily designed to remove receipt clutter for freelancers, contractors and businesses who have a continual stream of expenses. Kagazz provides its users with an interface to get rid of paper receipts in a seamless, easy way. Kagazz captures the key data from each receipt and uses a readily available cloud central storage provider, to save each electronic receipt and its data, which allows the user to gain access to their receipts virtually anywhere, anytime.
Kagazz integrates with online / offline accounting packages, to automatically sync all receipts and expenses data, eliminating double inputting of data.

Kagazz produces a comprehensive set of reports, providing an insight into the users expenses, as well as encouraging the user to keep a check on daily and monthly expenses.

How it works?
The following simple steps are needed to make this work for you: Register via the mobile app or via the Kagazz website
– Validate and Activate your account
– Start Uploading your receipts using Kagazz app with built-in OCR
– Choose your Accounting Integration Provider
– Review or Update your receipts via the Kagazz App or on Kagazz Portal
– Monitor your expenses
– Receive expense management alerts
– Receipts automatically uploaded to your chosen integration provider

Thats it! Simple & Easy

– No more Data Entry. Kagazz OCR does the intelligent work for you.
– Submit from anywhere and convert your paper receipt to digital.
– Export anywhere to any format and integrate with major accounting packages.
– Your information and data is safe and secure.