The top new features in iPhone X

The top new features in iPhone X


The new iPhone X comes with the beautiful bezel less, edge to edge, immersive display which gives you ultra high resolution and all in all a brilliant user experience with viewing, gaming and operating. The neatly packed and tucked up sensor housing gives an amazing blend to the UI by giving opportunities to create innovative app designs and animations in regard to immersive viewing experience, displaying connectivity or even just scrolling while in landscape mode.

iOS 11

From what we hear the new iOS update is going to be bringing a fresh look to the devices whilst also maintaining snappiness. Some of its key new features are the new design of the control center where you can access and modify quick settings in a way with vertically adjusting volume and brightness bars, gesture controls where you swipe up or down the display to access different menus and also new designs for app and other icons integrating with and utilizing the new display to its full potential. Apple is really aiming for that button less experience this time round.

Face ID

This new unlocking feature is smarter and snappier than ever; it uses “tiny invisible dots” which are essentially light projectors which sense the structure of your face to recognize and differentiate it from another’s face. It is capable of reading your face extremely quick even in the dark and isn’t going to be fooled if someone else tries to manipulate it as it requires you to be staring at the phone, plus it works with sunglasses!