Apple’s Face ID, possibly the new trend in Smartphones

Unless you have been living under a rock, you know that the new big thing in the smartphone world has been announced, the iPhone X. There is a gamut of exciting changes that have been introduced in the device which take it away from the traditional way of its predecessors, but the most crucial change is actually not the beautiful bezel less screen, it’s the new Face ID technology.

The bezel less screen was anticipated to some level, we thought that they would just move the fingerprint scanner to the back, but Apple has a way of standing apart from its competitors, so what do they do? They introduce a whole new technological advancement which might just prove to be the next big change that other companies follow after the touch ID.

So how does it work?

From what we have heard the Face ID uses “tiny invisible dots” which are essentially light projectors which sense the structure of your face to recognize and differentiate it from another’s face. The user has to stare at the phone, not for long obviously, and swipe up on the screen and that’s it, your phone is unlocked, and this process is extremely quick so you don’t need to worry about speed. Plus, it works on sunglasses! What’s different is that only one face can be registered as ID as opposed to multiple fingerprints in the touch ID, you can even disable the recognition software temporarily by holding the buttons on both sides, and you have to reset the device to change the ID.

From the looks of how snappy it is, this might just be the new trend after bezel less displays.