Pixel 2, cramming all the perfect features

Just when you thought there isn’t much innovation juice left in the smartphone department for this year, BAM! The not so hyped yet the most anticipated smartphone, Pixel 2 arrives, swiping away all the mediocre and imperfect stuff off the table, setting a bar that’s gonna be tough to beat. Here’s a glimpse of a bunch of stuff Google is gonna be throwing at you.

Improved look and feel: Comes in four colours and two variants, the smaller pixel 2 with a similar to the size factor of the original pixel and the pixel 2 XL which is such a delight to look at, google does right what most don’t, an overall cleaner and modern look, with the XL rocking the bezel less display, a coloured power button which compliments the look, an aluminium finish which doesn’t feel metallic but gives out a very smooth texture, the placement of what might be the fastest fingerprint scanner is on point and the best part is the feature which isn’t used at all but is too vital to skip, two front facing stereo speakers which gives you the most awesome user experience.

Display: The smaller variant has a 1080p AMOLED display, the XL on the other hand rocks a quad HD display with much smaller bezels which gives a viewing ratio of 18:9 which is a total symmetrical screen. The AMOLED display is put to brilliant use with the notifications for apps showing up with their logos showing up in white while the rest of the screen is turned off (a good way to save the battery), another cool new feature is the ‘now playing’ which uses the always on microphones to recognise the song playing in your surroundings and pop it up on your screen on which you can double tap to listen to or find more info about the song.

Camera: The pixel took away the highest DXO mark yet which is a brilliant 98, it has a single 12 megapixel camera as opposed to the dual cameras flying around now days, but serves you in the portrait mode even better than the rest, with software capabilities to blur the background. The front camera is an 8 megapixel which is better than the main camera of some phones out there which also utilises the portrait capabilities. There is another new motion feature installed here which gives you the option to include movement in your shots.

Exclusive Pixel features: Google has decided to push AI first in this new device, which lets the pixel boast a bunch of features like, squeeze, which lets you trigger the assistant, live wallpapers which are on another level of utilizing the aesthetic capabilities of the resolution, the search bar is now at the bottom which is a lot more convenient. The Pixel 2 is gonna come out with Android 8.0 Oreo, with the highest model priced at around $600. The major catch here is the machine learning that Google promotes, which is gonna make your phone give out a better user experience as time passes, plus it gives great new opportunities to developers to include innovative features later on. All in all it’s a perfect package which is priced $400 less than its main contender the Iphone X and gives a load of better features loaded in the best UI yet, this would make the Pixel 2 a sure shot contender for the phone of the year.