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iPhone App Development: The Hot spot for Developers

Why we need mobile applications in the first place?

There are various kinds of applications to be found on the app store of any operating system, in fact, its safe to say that an operating system is as good as the applications that run on it, because let’s be honest, no matter how neat and optimized an OS might be, nobody really buys a phone to solely run the calculator or stopwatch. If we look at it from the manufacturer’s point of view, the real business starts not when the phone is bought by the ‘customer’ but when it’s operated by the ‘user’, that is when transactions happen, those may occur when an app is bought, in-app purchases or simply through advertising.

Why is iOS the hotspot for developers?

Apple has been continuously releasing new lineups every year and this year was the biggest reveal with iPhone X, this will certainly boost up their sales which means more work for iOS developers, especially with the edge to edge interface coming into play and new versions of operating systems being released. All of this gives room for a lot of creativity and improvement, plus the more the iPhone users, more will be the opportunities rising for developers to get their hands into this business.

What makes the iPhone experience so unique?

The answer to this is a simple three-fold one:

Features that stand out:

Every application in the iOS is designed in a way that it makes the simple look good, which means ease of operation and neat in aesthetics.


The iOS experience leaves no space for glitches or failures which is what some would say the major USP for apple.


An optimum user experience without any hiccups in speed is what is delivered as the applications designed for iOS are adjusted and tweaked to work best with the phone’s processor.

Why choose us to build your iOS app?

We are a team of professionally trained designers who are well versed in the business of developing applications and websites, we are what you would call a master of both worlds with our team leading in the technical aspect of web and application designing, everything related to front end, back end, programming, security, setting up privacy for users, to the aesthetic part of the applications like the color schemes, themes, animations, features that catch the eye of your users, everything will be under close inspection and created with utmost grace, because you are our priority as your clients are yours. All the features that make the iPhone experience what it is, isn’t what everyone can grasp suddenly, through meticulous years and years of research we have trained ourselves to live up to and maintain the standard user interface that every iOS user experiences while operating their iPhone or iPad.

Thus, you may end your search for iOS app developers as we are experts in the market of custom mobile app development and leaders in creating top-rated iPad and iPhone apps based in London.

Connecting People through Online Dating Mobile App

Why does anyone go online in the first place, it can be one of two things, either to get information or to get ‘connected’, that is a strong word in today’s digital era, apart from all the other amazing things that the internet enables you to do, there is one that will never get old because of the human emotion connected to it.

What does hooking digitally look like?

So, dating or online dating to be more precise started not so long ago when someone realized it’s a much easier way to find who you are looking for, thus there were websites at first,,,,, then as the era evolved and people shifted from desktops to laptops and then to smartphones, came dating apps and finding a match for yourself has never gotten any simpler. It is the age of Tinder, Grindr, Bumble, Hinge etc. and people have now gotten used to swiping on their screen and finding a mate.

Why is online dating popular?

So why is it that online dating is becoming such a hot trend, the reason is simple, people today spend more time communicating virtually on social platforms than in real time. Moreover, online dating is just much less of a hassle than real life, it just takes logging on with your details and you’ll be matched with a potential partner’s according to their details, then usually a series of online chats would take place before the actual ‘business’ takes place.

How can we help you develop a dating app?

People today are looking for features in a dating app that will make their app much more personalized and the possibilities of disappointment minimal because believe it or not, because of a human element involved people are often let down in online dating and end up blaming the app. Such issues and discrepancies have been researched by our highly trained and experienced team of mobile app developers based in London and we are well versed with different types of application designing and development for operating platforms including iOS, Android, and Windows. Let’s look at features that make for a dating app which connects your users amongst themselves and with you as a brand:

Privacy, security, messaging users, connecting with staff, making friends, user interface, ease of finding matches, details available while browsing profile, admin panel

Protecting user’s privacy:

First foremost it is essential for you to ensure your clients that any details that they feed into their profile are not going to be used against them in any way by anyone.

Proper security measures:

The background check is a mandatory service lest the users may experience any sort of cyberbullying or harassment.

Enabling users to connect:

The reason people are online to is to interact, so apart from the obvious dating feature another feature which allows users to befriend and chat with other people.

Developing an algorithm for finding the match:

All the details that are provided by the users can be used to find and suggest potential matches to them.

Simple interface to browse through profiles:

Users should be able to look through all the different profiles which are to be adequately detailed so that the user can find who’s best for them.

Authority and administration:

Lastly, it is most crucial for a panel of administrators to be present online to deal with any irregularities, issues, and inconveniences faced by the user.

These were some of the many features that we would feed into your custom built mobile dating application which will ensure to build a positive brand image in the eyes of your clients.

The need for E-commerce Website

Every business, small or large, is having an imminent shift to e-commerce. Now what exactly is e-commerce? Is it just a shopping cart site? Not quite, it’s a lot more than that, it is in fact the whole of your business including your vision, products, services, ideas and customers move to an online front which basically just provides ease in everything from transaction to browsing to feedback. So why is ecommerce all so suddenly blowing up, its because startups have realized the fact that today reach is the most important factor in business, that even if you provide the most quality of services it is essential for you to reach the largest groups of your target audience to successfully hit your breakeven point.

Major shift of businesses online

All of this started quite a while back but startups are jumping on to this opportunity because of the high success rate of apps such as Flipkart, Amazon, Ebay, Ali Baba and others which are major league players in the online shopping game, other than that Swiggy, Zomato, Grofers are leading names in the food delivery business, Myntra and Jabong are the major fashion stores. That tells us that there are unlimited opportunities for whatever business idea you may have, travel, tourism, food delivery, hotel booking, restaurant finder, clothing, furniture and what not, in fact you could put all these categories into one app and deliver an online storefront which provides everything for your customers.

Developing an E-commerce mobile app

Our top rated custom mobile app development company in London has all your app solutions for every operating software out there, be it iOS, Android, Windows or others. Let’s look at what does your e-commerce mobile application need and how do we provide it best:

 Brand identification:

One thing your ecommerce application should shine light on is your brand, our experienced designing team will cook up your logo from scratch and set a theme accordingly.

Ease of transaction:

Another necessary element is of course accepting and sending payment, for that we provide payment portals for all banks and e-wallets focusing on maximum convenience of your clients.

Inventory management:

We will provide you an easy method through which you can manage which products are on display and if there is any new stock to be added.

Smooth flow of orders:

Accepting orders won’t be a hassle at all as we will provide both easy online ordering services and call for order services.


A crucial factor is that people should know about your storefront and goods, and also your existing customers to know about new deals, discount coupons, fresh stocks etc, this is to be done with email, SMS, and push notifications which will be automated and no extra personnel required to oversee.

Delivery services:

If you don’t have established delivery services for yourself, we have multiple tie ups with delivery agencies who will deliver your goods to your customers with the utmost care.

Other than those key features we provide a plethora of others which are gonna make your app stand out like app wallets, referring friends, in app sharing, and lots more. We will make your e-commerce mobile app with the most brilliant details and features that will boost up your business at a quick pace, and all that at burning prices.


Creating a Social Networking App

The opportunities for Social Networking Apps

Research shows that majority of internet users today go online only to log on to different social networking sites, these include Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and what not, now those are the big players, but the small developers are also in the race by giving people the applications for social media which for instance helps them connect with friends in their immediate city or some selected group in the world who consist of like minded people, some major names in this section may be Tumblr, Tinder, Medium which is an up and coming blog sharing site and Learnist which is a social learning platform. Thus we can say that the possibilities and ideas for social networking apps can never come to an end as there are just a billion opportunities waiting to be realized whether it be a learning service, food blogging, adventure vlogging, or simply a chat group, the gist of it is, that you put together a platform for like-minded people to come together. We are an Android and iPhone app development company based in London, and we have got you covered in designing and creating a custom social mobile and web app for you or your business.

How is a social networking app designed?

What is needed the first hand is that you need to first recognize the audience and purpose for which you are making this app so that you can successfully integrate it with your business, other social media platforms and the web version or/and the website of the same application. Now, what makes a mobile application for iPhone or Android or any other operating software good is some elementary factors like aesthetics, functionality, user experience, interface and the most important, features.

Features are what the focus point must be for you, what we believe can really make your application stand out after we have worked ample on making it out of ordinary with the other factors at work. A standard set of features that a user might look for in an app and what we can help designers to perfection are,

Ease of logging on: This means connecting the user with their email so that can log on from any device.

Activity updates and sharing: One reason why anyone may log onto a social site is to share their ideas and thoughts with other people and also see what they have to say.

Security and Privacy: Nobody wants their personal information leaked out or tampered with.

Ease of payment: A secure and simple payment method for the transaction between you and your customers and between users themselves is essential.

Data integration: Procuring important data like birthday or calendar events, and integrating them into the app through their email and other appropriate sources would help you give the user a personalized feeling when they are using the app.

Communication: This is the factor for which you are creating the application and for which the users are here in the first place, thus it is important to stress on the simple yet quality designed communication.

The aspects of Web Development

The task of web development can appear to be as easy as generating an easy text page for your users to read, to create the most intricately designed applications and pages, the element that differs is solely your creative potential. Potentially, there are five major aspects to web development, there is web engineering, which is concerned with building the framework for supporting web applications and specifically the techniques and methods applied in the same. Then comes scripting and coding for both client and server side which basically includes generation and implementation of algorithms responsible for running the system automatically. Another crucial aspect is content development for the web which is basically researching for the appropriate and crucial information that you are going to be creating the website for in the first place. Before you move on to a final aspect of security and privacy, the part that we will be touching today is that of web design, which has been widely mentioned in the previous blogs, however, in this one, we aim to look at it from a wider perspective and understand it’s full scope.

What really is web design?

This aspect of web development is quite crucial and at the same time interesting to focus on, this is going to be the element of your website that going to play the leading role in ensuring acquiring of visitors and increasing page duration which is the number of time users spends on your web page.

There are three types of designs that a designer has to focus on to make the website an aesthetic success namely, graphical, interface and user experience design. Now make no mistake, these designs are not exactly approached individually, they are highly interlinked and one might find when working on one of these, the others automatically come into play. For example, an average web page includes different typographical styles, background pictures, sounds, animations, transitions, colour schemes, logos, page layout, content and a plethora of other elements, these elements when looked at from the interface point of view are to be designed keeping in mind the user’s need for ease in navigation and similarly when looked at from the user experience point of view, they are to provide a sense of satisfaction, both overall graphics(colours, animations, transitions) and content. Thus we can say that these factors work as a team in determining the final design of your website.

Scope of designing in web

Today due to the extensive capabilities of browsers and devices supporting them, the designer’s job has become much more than what it was, there are tons of features to be fed into the page to make it more snappy and exciting to browse through. Designers work with vector graphics which are used mainly for logos and typography, integrated with raster graphics which are used for JPEG, PNG, GIF and others to create web pages that are a treat to look at. Of course, this is done keeping in mind the target audience, which again is a factor playing a major role in determining what you’d want to include in the page. Thus you work with different types of graphics and coding technologies like HTML and CSS to lure your target audience, depending on whether the website is for shopping, social networking, business, tech forum, entertainment and what have you.

Website development London

Ever Growing Scope of Web Development

Once you’ve studied the basics of website development technologies and are fluid in one or multiple aspects of the field, you can use your current skill in combination with graphic designing, content writing, animating, analytics etc which compliment your web designing skills. The market has demands for web developers but if you are really looking to make a place for yourself in there, multiple skill sets like these always steal the dreamiest spots in the industry and have a higher chance of promotions, as a single skill set tends to keep you in the same designation for a longer tenure.

The Roots have Spread

An average person looks around herself, and finds at least 3 technological devices, which integrate with the internet, and in reality there are a lot more kinds of devices like personal computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones, and smartwatches etc which need personalized designing in accordance with web pages, meaning that all of these devices have a different kind of display according to which web pages have to be designed.

Thus if you possess multiple skills in the field then you would be able to incorporate and amalgamate all kinds of contextual and visual substance in your web pages.

Additional Skills can be Combined with Website Designing

Content Creation

Say you have a side hobby of creating interesting and exciting content, this can be incorporated into the website that you will design, placed according to you among all the other objects, the best part is that you can personalize the content according to your taste and how you best see fit for your target audience, this can be harder to achieve with outsourcing. For instance, if you are designing a navigation menu for the website, it’s up to you what content you want to put where.

Graphics Designing

If you are skilled in creating animations, transitions and graphics that are candy to the eye, you could do some serious damage in the field; this skill would greatly compliment that of expertise in web designing languages. This way you can design your website’s logo, menus, animations and basically the whole look and feel and colour combination that it will hold, all in accordance to the purpose of creating the website and of course to the appeal of your target audience.

How you can influence attraction of users

After you allure your users through the visuals, they will get down to the content, now assuming that your content too is interesting for the users to read, the only thing that will help among those previously mentioned, to keep your audience coming back, is if you deliver a fair, exciting and smooth user experience and user interface and that is achieved through combining every element that has been here to the best of use. From there you go on to optimize the performance, obtain and work on feedback and keep coming up with new ideas to keep your website trendy.