Once designs are ready we start the development with making the full structure of database, data model, etc.
Using the best practice of development and best solutions we aim to provide high quality well documented easy to maintain scalable code.


We listen to you to form the full scope of requirements. Should you have just the idea or carefully written down specifications we read and study them to the slightest detail. We make recommendations, contribute, brainstorm to bring the idea into technical specifications.


We provide accurate budget and project plan and always keep to them. The quote is very detailed showing the number of hours we require for each piece of funcationlity. Based on the estimation we build the project plan with the outline of all deliverables so that it’s easier for you to track and control the whole process.


Everybody knows that good quality control is an important part of each successful project. The team of testers provides thorough quality assurance in the end of each milestone as well as once the project is ready. By using the most recent techniques in quality assurance our team brings each project to its perfection.


Our extremely creative graphic designers are full of ideas how to make your project user friendly, eye-catching and easy to use all design mock ups are approved with you before they are passed for slicing. All mock ups are mobile friendly since we provide responsive slicing by default.


Our sys admins will assist in picking the right server for the needs of your project, will set up the whole environment and make sure the solution is working with no delays.
Upon successful release we provide the maintenance. You can pick any plan you like 10 hours per week, 55 hours per week, or full time 55 hours.